I’m sure that by now, no one is a stranger to the terms ‘diversity or ‘inclusion.’ Throughout the years, and even more so now, companies have been discussing ways in which they could ‘diversify’ their workforce, services, and any other offerings. One industry that is involved in making these changes? The Social Media Industry.

Linda Dianne (Video/Social Media Strategist at Diversify Social Media) and Milly Tamarez (Freelance Social Media Manager and Comedian) teamed up to discuss the importance of diversity on social media on their How Diversify Social Media Creates More Opportunity for BIPOC Podcast. …

We have all seen the pivotal change in social media within the past couple of years, right? Well, a big part of that is due to the quick and impressive development of what we now know as Influencer Marketing.

In simple terms, Influencer Marketing consists of people with a significant amount of followers who people turn to for inspiration on all things fashion, love, life and family. Very quickly, companies noticed that having Influencer’s endorsement provided a massive increase in brand awareness and/or recognition. …

Tina Hawayek

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